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About the School
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About the School
The Former Miazia 27 Comprehensive Secondary School

The former Miazia 27 comprehensive secondary school is one of the oldest schools in Ethiopia situated in the city of Jimma. The school first started as elementary school, which as a result of the country's need for further education it gradually started providing comprehensive secondary education. The School was founded in 1946 and it has been the sole higher educational institute of its kind in the Keffa region with more than 2.5 million inhabitants. Currently, the school provides professional training in productive technology (wood and metalwork, auto-mechanics, electricity), business administration, agriculture, home economics and vocational (comprehensive) education. The school, which was supposed to accommodate 400-500 students every year when established, is now compelled to accommodate 4000-5000 students per year. Historically, Italian occupiers built the current school during the war to serve as a palace for the local Italian governors at that time. After the departure of the Italian troops it served as a part of a palace for the late Emperor Haile-Selassie until 1946. This school has provided a proper education of its level for several hundred thousands of Ethiopians since 1946 and a considerable number of former students that have passed through this school are presently in higher positions in various fields nationally and internationally. This school has been a symbol of friendship, unity and pride to many of the former students, teachers and staff and affiliates. '



The Library


     One of the oldest buildings in the school, the library. This library was once used to have a collection of over 10, 000 educational books and hundreds of journals and periodicals. Since most of the books are  from the USA donated through the former USIS, the library was also used to be called as "American Library".

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