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                                                 Mission Statement

         "Bringing alumni together is the heart of our mission and our identity".

The mission of this site is to provide a forum where the former students, teachers, staff and affiliates of the school can meet, chat and recollect past memories. It feels that even today the school and friends that we once made are part of our lives still provide a rich source of motivation and pride. We would also like the present students, teachers, staff and affiliates of the school to use this site as a source of information and knowledge as well as a window to the outside world that has provided us such opportunities.

The other aim of this homepage is to create a forum that will enable us to network, raise funds and provide the necessary support to our former school, and to other schools throughout the country. Looking back, and thinking of the knowledge we have gained is clearly something that should make us all feel very proud of this school.


This homepage is created by the Former Miazia 27 School Students Association in Sweden (FMSSAS; FMSSAS@comhem.se). Information owner/moderator wubshetmam@yahoo.com


                                        Copyright FMSSAS 2003.

                                   Last update on January 27, 2009