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 "Miazia 27 football (soccer) team was my identity"   
By Abdo Muslah Abdella
1974 graduate
Forward player of Miazia football team 1969-72

The story before the establishment of  "the Great Miazia 27" football team

Prior to the establishment of the great "Miazia 27" football team, there were many teams that participated in the development of football in Jimma. Some of those teams were in first division and some were in local Miazia 27 elementary school under the great coach Ato Gashaw Teshome. In first division we had.

The late 1950s and early 1960s the great "Aba Buna" with the spectacular "goalie" Melkamu Derseh; Yonata and Girmaye. The early 1960s "Alemaya" with good players like Abdulgefoor; Zekeria; Abdulkeyum and Taha nicknamed "Albassee". This team was established by a Yemenie businessman Mr. Alewa, whose son, Abdullah is the Defence Minister of Yemen at present, was born and raised in Jimma. The mid 1960s "Geebe", with players like Abdulrahman Mohammad Seif; Yervant; Lakew Kassa; Getachew Alemu; Ahmad Temam; Pippino Tadesse; Hussein Gurmu; Mantegaftoe Atnafu; Saja Asgar Ali and Abdulkader Othman nicknamed "Beyondoe". The 1950s and early 1960s Yitref (police) With players like Meto Aleka Abera; Marche; Deebaba; Mamo Kelbessa; Sherifo Madei and Zewde. The 1950s and early 1960s "Medfegna" with players like Worku; Getachew and Ayalew. On the other hand there was Gashaw Teshome and his four elementary teams (Green; Yellow, Red and Blue) that produced many talented and outstanding players who later played for various first division teams. Some of those players were Endalelign Anbesse; Mekete Amare; Lema Gutema and I, who played for Miazia and Negade. Jihad Aba Deeko; Hassan Mohammad; Belayneh Seeme; Khedeer Dushee; Getachew and Alemayehu Negussie "Guche" were played for Total and Electric teams. Muazameel and Getachew played for Keffa Transport team. Beyan Hussain and Solomon Fantu both played for Negade team. There were many others that I forgot their names. Gashaw Teshome knew soccer very well and was such a tough, effective coach and he had no problem of getting respect and admiration from his players and the soccer community in town. He conditioned us very well and made many of us attack-oriented. All the above teams and many individuals had contributed to the development of soccer in the great city of Jimma. However, none has come close enough to advance soccer and produce talented players than the great "Miazia 27" of the mid 1960s and the early 1970s and below is the history of this great soccer team.


The "Ferenj Arada" team, 1965-66
Tsegaye Alemu, Kassa, kemal, Temesgen Game, Mohammed Jemal, Debalke,....

Despite all the whoops of delight and the gasps of astonishment created by some famous "pre Miazia" football teams, none whatsoever had created lasting and unforgettable memories in the history of football in Jimma than the great " Miazia 27 " football team. The team had entertained the "KITTO" field fans that decidedly supported them, with many memorable moments. The exciting talents and skills of Haile in saving goals; the brilliant dribbles and effective short passes of Beyene Bekele and Tilahun Gebre; The zigzag movements of Melesse Tadesse, the rocket speed by which Mohammad Jemmal took over the defenders, the double kicks of Ahmad Temam and Mekete Amare; the rugged defenses of Kebede Mamo and Temesgen Gamei; the slick back-heal passes of Endalelign Anbasse; the untouchable and bomb shots of the late Tesfaye; the acrobatic acts of golie Fikade; the sharp and accurate goals of Getahun Tabore; the fights and foul plays of Getachew Desalegn. The list goes on and on and on. In an ideal world, if the late Yidnekachew Tessema of the Ethiopian football federation allowed a team of experts to select players for the national team of Ethiopia, this great team would have produced three to four players who would have brought results and proud to the country. Second best was not in their heads. They always believed there was nothing better than wining. They were just out standing champions. The great coach, the late Asmelash Berehe said, "I was a soccer player and coached many teams in Jimma and around Ethiopia, but I know of no better than Miazia 27 football team. I certainly did not see a team wining seven consecutive championship other than Miazia." This great team was established in Megabit, 1958 (Ethiopian calendar corresponding to March 1966).


The "OMO" team, 1965
Kadee, Tuji Walala, Hassen Mohamed; Abera, Mohamed AbaBula Beshiro, Feleke Teka, Mohamed Jemal, Zewde Teka, Kassa, Mitiku...

Year by year analysis

1966: It all started in the early months of 1966. Local soccer players consisted of young students from Miazia 27 secondary school were gathered to establish a football team. The team that dominated soccer in the city for the next seven years and earned the legendary status and became the all time best was about to be established. That dominant team was given the name "Miazia 27". The young players were about to face the almighty Aba-Buna; Miizan-Teferee; Mechal; Omedla; Yitref and other established teams that dominated soccer in the city for years. The boys knew the mission was difficult if not possible.

Dimes and nickels were collected from the students, teachers and some former students. Ato Asrat Wolde, (the uncle of Lt. Colonel Mengistu H. Mariam), who was the Head Master of the school was the first to chip in. Local business community had participated in the contribution too. The money was collected and materials were purchased. Three to four players could afford to put on click (taketa). The rest were forced to use locally made sneakers. The lions of Jimma (Miazia) had young Fekade as a golie, Hussein Tokicha; Bazezew Kasa; Temesgen Gamei and Teegist Habte-Wold on defence and in the middle, they had Melesse Tadesse. The forwards consisted of four young boys. The right wing was Mohammad Jemal and the left wing was Tilahun Gebre. The middle was occupied by Tsige Kebede and Beyene Bekele, whose father was our custodian at Miazia 27 elementary school. (I used to tell Ato Bekele that I wanted to be like his son Beyene). What a prophecy! Three years later I was playing next to Mohammad Jemmal and Ahmad Temam, but not as great as Beyene. The first game for this newly established team was against "Mizan-Teferee" team. Mohammad Jemal scored the first goal. As an expansion team no one thought of the team to win a single game, but they went ahead to win the championship. In my opinion, Beyene Bekele was one of the best players ever played in Jimma and I picked him to be the MVP of 1966. The Final game was against the great Aba-Buna and the final score was 2-1 for Miazia. Ato Asrat Wolde lifted the FIRST trophy and the celebration went on for the entire year.


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